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Art is a funny thing.  So many of us tell ourselves "oh no, I'm not an artist.  I'm not creative!"  And yet, how can you not be because life itself is the ultimate act of creation.   Anything we do that turns inspiration into form is creativity at work, is it not?  And yet, I too struggled to own my own inner artist!

I initially wanted to play with watercolors but it turns out I have  huge "white paper" fear!  The pressure to turn all that blank space "into something worthwhile" based on my vision of what watercolor was supposed to look like, literally sucked all the joy out for me.

What I love about mixed media is that no one knows what it's "supposed" to look like so the end result is whatever lights me up.  A totally win for my creative urges to flourish.  The images below are a fun combination of polymer clay, paper mache, found objects and the result of too many hours wandering the aisles of art stores buying useless things that made me smile.  I hope they will make you smile as well!