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Time out in Nature


Taking time out in nature is one of the most restorative things we can do for ourselves.  Come to beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho!  Allow yourself to disconnect from the bustle of everyday life so you can rejuvenate and nourish ALL parts of you - body, mind and spirit.


Why Do A Retreat?

To “re-treat” oneself is to once again, fall in love, not with the “other”, but with the fantastic, magnificent, creative, audacity of our authentic selves.  Going on a retreat tells our spirit that we are serious about inviting its presence back into our lives.  


What makes retreats so powerful?


A retreat allows us to disconnect from our everyday “mind” (thoughts of what I “should” be doing), and the web of our everyday world (what I “should” do for others) and reconnect with the still quiet world of our spirit that wants to just “be”.

The very nature of the word “retreat” is to back away from all the hustle and bustle of our “normal” reality so that we can refresh and regroup.  It is also a radical act of self care, to honor ourselves with such a gift.

Imagine if we loved ourselves first, as if we could see the wholeness and goodness of ourselves so that we didn’t need to search for it in other people and hope that we could find it mirrored back to us. 

Being on retreat can teach us to care for ourselves, to honor and value that which is core to us and to take time out to renew and replenish our hearts , our bodies and our spirits.

Idaho Retreat Location

The Sun Valley area is a wonderful location for such a retreat.  Located in the beautiful Wood River Valley, we're surrounded by mountains and wilderness.  Part of the retreat experience will be to spend time in nature each day.  In addition, depending on the time of year you visit, there are many events and activities you can explore either before or after.

Here are some links for more information about our area:

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What Others Say...

"Shannon has a brilliant breadth of modalities to help individuals to connect to themselves, their spirit, and their own knowing.  She takes a creative experiential approach to her interactions with those she collaborates with.  Color, magic, play, and mystic are things that are constantly present. 

Be it on a hike in big nature, painting, Tarot cards, Aura-Soma bottle essences, symbol work, Human Desgin, NLP, and a host of other practices, she demonstrates great listening skills and really guides individuals to their own conclusions through inquiry and never imposes her own projections or conclusions. 

While Shannon brings “fun” to inner self-exploration, she is grounded and practical and can hold space for tough conversations and dealing with the spectrum of emotions.


 She supported me in a 3-day experience that helped me transition from a very challenging season in my life into something new and better that I could embrace and validate in deeper ways.  I hope you get to experience the same magic and growth for yourself."

Hillary Wicht,

How To Book
Your Private Retreat

Click the  "Let's Talk" button below to schedule a complimentary session to discuss how to customize your own personal retreat.

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