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Is what's stopping you REALLY what's stopping you?

When I launched my coaching practice ten years ago, I was completely baffled by why it was not going the way I thought it should.

After all, in my 30-year professional career I had built two very successful businesses – one which was my dream job of “being paid to travel” and one which was a 7-figure consulting firm. And yet, here I was, finally taking my real passion out into the world as a transformational coach and I couldn't make a dime.

I was convinced that my lack of success was simply because I “didn't know enough”. I saw these successful folks out there and they all said “follow my recipe and get my results.”

Made sense, right? Do what they do, get what they get…

And, to a certain extent, that’s a great formula for success. Emulate greatness and become great. Fake it till you make it. Become the change you want to see in the world. All good, all-important messages and all utterly useless if the stories you are telling about what’s possible for yourself don’t match the stories you are telling ABOUT yourself.

When we have a deep heart felt desire for taking our gifts and talents out into the world and creating a business we’re passionate about or simply creating a lifestyle that supports us, nurtures us and allows us to serve in the highest way possible – and we have everything we need to take action but we don’t - it’s got nothing to do with whether we’re smart enough, talented enough or good enough.

Instead, it has everything to do with the stories and beliefs we hold as our “reality” which are in conflict with what we are trying to achieve. In my case, I had to step back from all the “doing” and start listening to what was really going on inside my head verses what I was feeling in my body. I committed myself to finding and transforming the core belief that was really driving the bus, as they say, and after I did that, my experience in building my business completely changed.

I share this with you because I know that if you have everything you need and you are still stopping yourself, then the place to look is inside rather than out. You asked the big question of how to choose the right coach. My advice is to find a mentor/guide that knows how to navigate the journey back to where the roadblock first appeared. One who can teach you where to look inside of yourself for all the answers you need to get back on track. Because, once you transform the core beliefs that don’t serve you, you will be astonished at how easy it is to put all the techniques you've learned in to practice and really create the life or business you wish for!

It breaks my heart when I hear from wonderful women who feel resigned and frustrated that they aren't getting what they truly want. Especially when I know, from my own journey, that it’s not only possible, but not nearly as hard as we've all come to think it should be.

If there is anything I can do to help guide you towards the most compelling future you can imagine for yourself – through wonder, curiosity and play, rather than grit and grind – I’m happy to help!

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