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The Three Sirens of Sabotage

In classical mythology, the Sirens were portrayed as Sea Nymphs, part woman and part bird, who with their seductive voices and their singing, lured mariners to shipwreck on the rocky island shores.

Even now, the term "siren song" refers to an appeal that is hard to resist but that, if heeded, will lead to a bad conclusion.

And so it is with the Three Sirens of Sabotage.

How often have you heard them whisper softly …

“Give up, there’s no way you can [fill in the blank}…”

“Forget it, you’ll never be able to [fill in the blank]…”

“Who do you think you ARE, trying to [fill in the blank}…”

Hopeless, Helpless, Worthless…

Their voices might seem so familiar you don’t recognize they’re NOT your voice but rather, something ancient from long ago, with a different agenda than the one you currently striving for.

Or maybe your Siren is more like the blaring sound of a 5 alarm fire, telling you to run like the wind in the opposite direction of your heart’s desire.

DANGER, DANGER!”, the voices scream, you’re getting outside your comfort zone.

Go back, GO BACK!” they shout, “It’s not safe here!”

You can feel your stomach clench, your heart pound, your throat close up. You retreat, rather than own your power, follow your heart or speak your truth.

But whether the Sirens whisper or shout, if you heed them, the outcome is still be the same. Your hopes and dreams crash upon the rocks and are destroyed.

But! There’s a way to outsmart those wily Sirens!

Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure that you don’t wind up shipwrecked on your journey.

Step #1 – Begin to recognize where your authentic voice comes from verses the voice of the Siren. For most people, when they tune into something they know as their truth, it creates a feeling of peace and groundedness in their heart and/or gut.

In contrast, the Siren’s voice is usually located either inside or somewhere outside the head and there is a feeling of anxiety, fear and/or unrest. Plus, ever notice that the Siren’s voice sounds suspiciously like your mother, father or other authority figure?

Just sayin…

Once you recognize the sound, location and feeling of your voice verses the Siren’s, you can then choose who you want to listen to.

Step #2 – Don’t take what the Siren says as gospel. Rather than sink into the criticism and judgment, try using curiosity and wonder. For example…

When the Siren says, “You always mess things up!”, think to yourself “always?”

When the Siren says, “You never get anything right!”, ask yourself “never?”

When the Siren says, “Who do you think you are”, put your hands on your hips, take a stand and introduce yourself!

The point is that the Sirens act as if everything is an absolute and you know that’s not true. We live in a universe that’s always expanding and contracting, where nothing stays the same…including you!

Start to wonder about all these black and white pronouncements and begin to get curious about finding the shades and colors.

And finally…

Step #3 – Recognize that any failure you’ve had in your life is simply information. Don’t take it as a personal indictment of your value in the world. You HAVE to make mistakes – it’s how we learn and grow.

View the results of any action you take as juicy information of either what not to do, or what to do more of, and you will be well on your way to the most extraordinary journey ever.

Bon Voyage!

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